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December 27, 2019 by thoriq 0 Comments

Child Vs. Gadjet


Nevitably a little more technology brings us to a more sophisticated and easier life. So it feels, it is difficult for us parents to reject the desire of children to be facilitated with sophisticated gadgets, such as mobile smartphones, tablet computers and so on. Unfortunately, as often as happens to children, they do not use it as needed. On the contrary, this is used excessively and not even a few of them misuse the internet for negative things. This is the concern of many parents today. In addition, the misuse of internet functions will of course have an effect on the printing of a less qualified generation of the nation. The presence of the internet does provide many benefits for humans. Work can be done easily because of this and information is more quickly accessed by the internet. But behind it all, there are a million threats that lurk, especially in children. Not only the threat of pornography, the existence of online media sites nowadays, in fact makes children willing to spend most of their time accessing the internet compared to playing in their environment. It’s very hard to asked the children to get away from the gadget especially when they are watching You Tube or playing games. Sometimes they even smarter then the rest of us, one of my friends son even win an iPhone giveaway from the internet that the parents have no idea about.

But you know, besides not good for children’s health by spending hours in front of the monitor screen. This also affects the development. Children, who spend much of their time alone with their gadgets, will grow introverted children so that in the end when they are confronted with the real world of work, it is not impossible that they will find it difficult to mingle and make friends. This is of course a feared impact. For this reason, it is important to take action and find solutions for children who are already addicted to the internet, especially this addiction has occurred when children are still toddlers. Because it’s not surprising in today’s world, not only teenagers have been facilitated with sophisticated equipment and technology, toddlers only have been deliberately introduced by their parents with gadgets and the internet, so don’t be surprised if they are so absorbed in spending their time in front their smartphone screen.

What a heartbreaking reality, when the lives of children were decorated with fun playing in the park and frolicking with other friends, similar things did not happen at this time. The life of playing children seems to be swallowed up by the times and makes the internet a new life for them.