We have been with Genius Bibs (formally known as Taska Bibs) since late 2014. We have 2 children; 5 years apart.

With our first child, it was our first time in doing everything. So we did do some researches for childcare/ pre school around the area. We decided to go with Genius Bibs as they have a more relaxed approach and are in smaller groups. Through Genius Bibs, we see our first child grew up from a toddler into an independent child. When it came to the time for primary school enrolment exam to a non- Chinese school; Teacher Sundra was very confident that our child can pass without the need for additional tuition that most of other enrolment examinee did. Our child did passed the enrolment exam, which is to our astonishment, as we did not prepare our child anything other than his daily time in Genius Bibs.

The school also has yearly discussion with the parents to discuss about the child’s development & progress; which we as the parents appreciate this very much. Because this is where we learn more about our child as they sometimes behave differently in school and at home.

We had our second child in late 2018 and we were lucky to be able to send our 2 months old infant to Genius Bibs infant care in 2019; which were not available in the previous years. With infant care available, we were able to send in both our children simultaneously to one place. We can see our second child growing slowly to be independent through the school.

Another reason we choose Genius Bibs was that they were more multiracial. With the idea of being one Malaysian; we wanted to expose our children to mixture of races in so that they do not racially bias to others. We have seen other children who were afraid of the others because they are ‘different’ colour. Through Taska Bibs, our children grew into a friendly child who could make friends easily with other kids.

The school were also be able to strike a balance between learn and play. Where the children look forward to go to school every day.

We are very grateful the dedication from the teachers to guide the children with patience and their heart. We thank you all the teachers very much.

– Alison –